Data from the 8-week program has been collected, analyzed, and used to establish and improve more effective treatment for depression and anxiety. The set of data from the ground-breaking scientific studies came from a sample of over 10,000 participants from six continents. Average participants start the 8-week community program with a PHQ-9 depression score of 12.1 (moderate) and leave with a PHQ-9 score of 6.5 (none). The average anxiety level score starts at 7.5 (mild high) and ends at a level of 3.7 (none).


In the community program, 89% of participants show significant improvement in the depression scores, with 78% improving 50% or more after only eight weeks.

For those suffering from anxiety, 88% of participants show improvement, and 87% improve 50% or more after only eight weeks. 

Results demonstrating the effectiveness of the interventions used in the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Programª have been extensively published in many journals, including the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Journal Gastroenterology, Journal of Sexual Medicine, the American Journal on Addictions, Journal Neurology, Journal Society of Biological Psychiatry, and numerous others.


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