What is the Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program?

The Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program is a community-based, mental health education program. See our Program page for more information. 

Do you have to be clinically depressed or diagnosed with general anxiety disorder to participate in this program?

Not at all! Although our target audience primarily includes those suffering from depression and anxiety, the truth is that anyone can benefit from the principles taught in this program.  The program not only helps those dealing with depression and anxiety, but also serves as a tool to help people achieve peak mental performance and an overall healthier lifestyle. 

On many occaions, individuals attend to learn how to support a loved one with depression and/or anxiety. Others have attended to gain more knowledge in the area of these mental health disorders. Still others have come and participated as a form of professional development.  Parents have even come and have found helpful suggestions in creating an atmosphere at home in which to raise healthy and happy children.  No matter the reason for attendance, our caring team of directors and facilitators will be happy to welcome you!

I have struggled with depression or anxiety. How can I know if this program is right for me?

The principles shared in our 8-week program have helped thousands, and we are confident that you would be benefited by them as well. However, we understand that there are numerous factors that play  into deciding if participating in the program is the right step for you at this time. 

We invite you to attend one of our Free Information Sessions, when scheduled, to learn about the program, and/or, as needed, to discuss your personal participation with one of our directors/facilitators. 

For a listing of current/upcoming information sessions, please click our Locations page. 

I am not able to attend one of the Free Information Sessions. Can I still join an upcoming complete 8-week program?

Yes, you can. 

It may be that your schedule didn't allow you to attend a scheduled information session,  or it  may be that you are visiting this website, or have heard about the program after the information sessions have concluded.  Perhaps you know someone who came to the information session and shared all about the program with you. 

Attendance at the information sessions, while being very helpful for individuals to make a decision about their participation, is not required in order to participate in the complete 8-week program. 

We invite you to visit our Contact page, and reach out to us to let us know that you would like to attend an upcoming program.  A local director or facilitator would be happy to have a phone consultation with you to discuss your participation and to help you plan for your participation. 

Is there a minimum age to participate?

This program's principles and recommended action steps can be enjoyed and practiced by almost anyone. However, the style of presentation/lecture, as well as the content of each session and how it is discussed and applied in the group environment, make it more appropriate for those who are age 16+.  There could be exceptions to this general guideline, and you are welcome to disucss your specific question with us. 

What is the format of the program?

The program is comprised  of eight weekly sessions, followed by one additional ninth session as a wrap up and graduation evening.  

Each of the eight weekly sessions last for two hours.  

During the first hour, participants listen to Dr. Nedley's lecture on the scheduled topic for that evening. The lecture will share, evidence-based, wholistic tools for overcoming depression and anxiety, in relation to the specific theme of the evening. 

The second hour is a facilitated group discussion time where participants interacte and engage with the group facilitator about how to best apply the principles learned in this session. Using the Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program Workbook, as the guide, the participants group reinforces the principles learned in the session,  and discusses practical tips for implementing in daily life.  

Additionally, to get the greatest results, there will be reading and practice activities assigned for participants to complete during the week between sessions. 

Is there research to support the recommendations made in this program?

For sure there is! 

We invite you to visit our Research page, and learn about it!

What can you tell me about the Depression & Anxiety Assessment Test (DAAT)?

Each participant has the opportunity to take the Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test (DAAT) twice during the running of a program - once a the start of the program and once at the end. 

The DAAT provides an in-depth analysis and assessment of your mental health. It tells you if you have major depression and how severe it is. It also tells you whether you suffer from anxiety and to what degree. 

In addition, it gives you your current level of emotional intelligence (EQ), which is one of the most improtant indicators of future sucess. 

The DAAT will also pinpoint your specific risk factors.  Extensive reserach on the causes of depression and anxiety has uncovered over 100 risk factors. These risk factors have plausible physiologic causes for mental health decline.  The DAAT will tell you how many categories of risk factors are present in your experience, and what can be done to reverse, most, if not all, of your underlying causes for depression and/or anxiety. 

The DAAT evaluation model provides results that serve as your baseline depression, anxiety and EQ levls when you start the course.  Then, 8 weeks later, each paticipant is able to compare their initial results with new results (after weeks of applying the principles learned in the program) as they take the DAAT a second time. 

Truly, this assessment is one of  the most valuable aspects of participating in the program, and knowing what to specifically focus your attention on while particpating in the program. 

Is there a registration or materials fee to participate?

We welcome the general public to attend any of our Free Information Sessions at any time. There is no cost or obligation to attend one of these sessions and learn about the program and to make a decision if the complete 8-week program is for you. 

For a listing of current/upcoming information sessions, please click our Locations page. 

This program is a community-based health education program operated as a not-for-profit community service. Local community agencies and/or organizations have provided support for the program in a variety of helpful ways. This has enabled local promotions to take place, locations to be found for information sessions as well as the 8-week program. Thus, there are no program costs passed on to participants. 

However, for those that do choose to attend the complete 8-week program, a materials fee does apply. The high quality resources provided to each participant are described on our Program page. 

There are a number of factors that contribute to what the specific cost for materials will be at any running of the program, including current costs of published materials, shipping, currency exchange, quantity of participants, as well as community grants and subsidies, etc.  Thus, the registration/materials fee may change slightly each time the program is offered.  The most accurate and complete information about fees, pricing, and supports for participation will be available at the free information sessions, or when communicating with a program coordinator before or at the time of full program. 

A second family member in the same household can share a number of resources provided, and thus, the second participant from a household will receive a discounted materials fee, which would cover only the materials required by each individual participating. 

Once a person has paid the materials fee at a program, that individual has the resources needed to participate again at any time. A "lifetime membership" to attend any future running of the program as a refresher is offered to program participants without charge. 

Program materials are provided to participants at cost, and our trained director(s) and facilitators do not receive any remuneration from registration/materials fees. Where possible/applicable, the local program director has sought out ways to make the program as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to participate.  

Feel comfortable speaking to the local director at an information session about any need  or concern you have, or by requesting communication (call/email) from a local director.  Complete a Contact Form here.   

I don't like to speak in public or in groups. Do I have to do that here?

We want every participant to feel comfortable and at home while participating in this community-based Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. Your comfort is important to us!   

During the program sessions, there will be small group break-out sessions led by our program facilitators. These break-out groups vary in size depending on the session/program. Participants are encouraged to actively participate in these groups, however,  we recognize that there will be some individuals that prefer to simply attend and listen. That is perfectly acceptable.  

I have attended this program in the past. May I attend again?

Absolutely.  We are always happy to welcome back program "alumni."  If you would like to take the program again as a "refresher" for yourself, or if you would like to attend a session and are bringing along a spouse/family member or friend, please let us know. 

There isn't a program being held near me. Are there other options?

Yes, there may be other options for you!  There are many sites around the world where this 8-week community educational program is shared. Not all are promoted or advertised the same way,  nor are all directly associated with this website.  We are serving select regions of central Alberta, Canada. If you live outside of this region, please visit our Contact page and get in touch with us. We may be able to direct you to other available programs in a region nearer to you. 

I have other questions not addressed here. Can you help me?

Yes indeed! Please go to our Contact page and reach out to us via email. We would be happy to help you by answering any question you may have. 


You are not alone! Thousands of people just like you have joined a Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. They have come with their individual stories of  brokenness, pain,  opression, shame, numbness, confusion, addiction, abuse, despair, and hopelessness. They have learned, embraced and applied the information, the tools, and the interventions of the program. They have found hope and a voice again. You, too, can begin your journey to recovery!