There is a solution for you! 

The comprehensive Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program shares these 8 Sessions:

1. How to Improve Your Brain

2. Lifestyle Treatments for Depression & Anxiety

3. Nutrition for the Brain

4. How Thinking Can Defeat Depression or Anxiety

5. Making & Staying with Positive Lifestyle Choices

6. Stress Without Distress

7. Overcoming Loss

8. Enhancing Frontal Lobe Function

Plus, receive the core participant kit which includes the hardcover program textbook (Depression: The Way Out), the user-friendly Nedley Depression and Anxiety  Recovery Program Workbook , and two Depression & Anxiety Assessment Tests (one at the start of the program and the second at the conclusion). Additional helpful resources will also available to participants. 

Join the community of thousands who have found freedom from depression and anxiety through this engaging, well-researched, scientifically-based program encompassing the whole person. 


Prior to the 8-week program starting in any location, the general public is invited to attend the scheduled free information sessions.  At such sessions attendees are  provided with more detailed information about depression and anxiety,  how the 8-week program can support their recovery, and all pertinent program details regarding participation, registration, materials, location, schedule, and more. 

Tuesday, April 23, 1:00pm 
      Best Western Wayside Inn - Spatinow Room

4103 56 Street, Wetaskiwin, AB  T9A 1V2  

Wednesday, April 24, 7:00pm
    Peace Hills Adventist School Gymnasium
    470014 Highway 814, Wetaskiwin, AB  T9A 1X1

Full Program of 8 Sessions is scheduled to begin the first week of May 2024.
Schedule details will be explained at the free information sessions.

If this running of the program doesn't work for your schedule, and you would like to inquire about being a part of a future running of the Depression & Anxiety Recovery program, please complete a contact form, or send us an email stating your desire to info@depressionrecovery.ca