Research Abstracts


The following are visual research abstracts highlighting benefits observed or experienced in relation to participation in the eight week community educational program. 

Eight-Week Depression Program Improves Depression With Lifestyle Changes and Exercise Therapy

An 8-Week Lifestyle Educational Program Improves Depression Related to Reduced BLood Flow

Eight-week Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program Decreases Usage of Benzodiazepines

Effects of an Educational Program on Depressed Postmenopausal Participants

Eight Week Lifestyle Education Improves Depression of Stroke Participants

Lifestyle Interventions That Benefit the Heart Also Improve Depression Among Geriatrics

Lifestyle Educational Intervention Increases Folate Intake and Improves Depression

Emotional Intelligence Improves In 8 Weeks In Participants With History of Head Injury

Community Based Depression Recovery Program Associated With Improvement of Depression In Individuals with Hepatitis C

Emotional Intelligence in Depressed Individuals Improved in 8 Weeks

Nicotine Increases Depression and Anxiety

Consumption of Energy-rich Nutrients and Hemoglobin A1c Among Depressed Individuals

Eight-Week Community Based Program Improves Anxiety of Hepatitis C Positive Individuals 

Morbid Thoughts Decrease on Individuals With Concussion History After an 8-Week Educational Program